Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a sunday photo shoot

I cut both of the kids hair and Morgan lost a tooth. I have always wanted to do a mohawk on Chase since he was a baby. I attempted it and the back of his hair never co-operates. They were so cute I couldn't help but share. I don't think you can see her lost tooth in any of the pictures because it is the bottom one and she has big lips like her dad.

 Morgan loves to pose for the camera.
 Sometimes I look at her and can't stop staring because she is so beautiful. She will always say, "Mom why are you staring at me?"
 Chase loves to be silly. When I said I was taking a picture of him he quickly turned around. After I would snap the picture he would turn and look at me with the cutest smile. I need a camera that I can take lots of pictures in a row to catch moments like that.
 Finally got one of his cute smile.
 Morgan and Chase are the cutest buddies. They do fight a lot, but it is mostly Chase teasing her and she comes crying to me. I sure love these two. She is tickling him so he will smile with his teeth. The other day I told Chase to smile with his teeth and he said he didn't know how. I told him to pretend I was tickling him...that always works...he is very ticklish.
 This is what happened when I ask Chase to take a picture of me and Morgan. He took one of his shadow. He is always trying to make us laugh.


Kevin and Laurie Anderson said...

So cute. Chase is adorable and Morgan IS beautiful. You and Peter look nice too:). I can't believe Morgan lost a tooth. We just saw her a week ago.

Linford Family said...

Your kids are SO cute! My little boy lost a tooth recently too! It's kind of weird that he is that old. We miss you too!

Brittany said...

Such adorable kiddos! How are you? It's been way too long!