Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chase's Birthday

My baby turned a year old a month ago. I can't believe how fast this year went. Chase is the sweetest boy. He loves to give mom and dad snuggles. He is so goofy. He loves to make us laugh. Even when he is half asleep he will cover his face and when he uncovers says "bo". He also loves his sister even though his sister is always taking toys from him. He loves to put his diapers in the garbage after we change him. The first time he did it by himself, I followed him into the kitchen and he stood up and dropped it in the garbage. He is smart. He loves cars and drives them around and makes car noises. He also signs and says "ball" which i think are his favorites. He loves to throw them and play catch. He always says "more" to kisses and tickles. He doesn't walk by himself but walks behind his new front loader or even pushing Morgan's doll strollers. I just love this boy.

My Tutus

I made 30 tutus and several other costumes for a Nutcracker in Payson. It is so much work but it was lots of fun. Here are the beautiful tutus.
6 purple, 4 pink
10 white
The colors together for the Waltz of the Flowers. Aren't they so beautiful?
10 Yellows.