Monday, September 15, 2008

USS Lexington

Morgan and I went to the USS Lexington to tour the ship. We were leaving Texas soon and I figured we needed to see some of the sites. Morgan was only interested in the air planes and running away from me. So I spent a lot of the time chasing her. 

Texas Fun

Morgan doing her Ballerina moves. 
I say "do your ballerina" and she lifts her leg up. I'm starting her young. She also does pointe and flex with her feet. 

Morgan loves to pose for pictures. I didn't tell her to do this, she just ran away from me and posed. What a goof ball.
When ever it rained Morgan always wanted to go run in the rain. It was nice and warm so she didn't mind getting wet.

She usually runs back and forth from Peter to me, but Peter didn't come out with us so she didn't really know what to do.