Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chase's Birthday

My baby turned a year old a month ago. I can't believe how fast this year went. Chase is the sweetest boy. He loves to give mom and dad snuggles. He is so goofy. He loves to make us laugh. Even when he is half asleep he will cover his face and when he uncovers says "bo". He also loves his sister even though his sister is always taking toys from him. He loves to put his diapers in the garbage after we change him. The first time he did it by himself, I followed him into the kitchen and he stood up and dropped it in the garbage. He is smart. He loves cars and drives them around and makes car noises. He also signs and says "ball" which i think are his favorites. He loves to throw them and play catch. He always says "more" to kisses and tickles. He doesn't walk by himself but walks behind his new front loader or even pushing Morgan's doll strollers. I just love this boy.

My Tutus

I made 30 tutus and several other costumes for a Nutcracker in Payson. It is so much work but it was lots of fun. Here are the beautiful tutus.
6 purple, 4 pink
10 white
The colors together for the Waltz of the Flowers. Aren't they so beautiful?
10 Yellows.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

At the River

Pete has felt it is his duty to clean the logs out of the American Fork river. Mostly so that he doesn't hit any logs while kayaking in the spring. We have gone up as a family and I sit on the side and watch our kids and make sure they don't fall into the freezing cold water.

Chase crying because we won't let him in the River. He is also teething so that is why he has his tongue out in every picture.

Daddy's girl

Peter Moving the huge logs.
Morgan trying to stay warm in the Rain.

October (I am behind)

Enjoying our little honda bikes before we sold them. The kids loved to ride them. When ever we stopped riding Chase would start crying.

Morgan's newest cousin Ave Roberts.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Stuff

Elder Brown is Home

My brother Tyler just got home from his mission. My mom was so excited, she was bouncing around waiting for him to come down the escalator (I think that is how it is spelt). We are glad to have Ty back. Welcome home Ty we missed you.

Oh so cute. I even started crying seeing my mom and Ty so happy.
What a handsome young man.
Everyone waiting for Tyler.

Dancing family

Morgan at her ballet class
Chase loves to listen to music. When he doesn't have the ear phones on he dance.
look at the chubby cheeks, you better believe they get lots of kisses.
ballerina girl.
I love this clip of Chase he can't help but dance while he is crawling. He is hilarious.

Morgan at Ballet

Cement Chalk

This has been our favorite thing to do this summer. Good thing we have lots of cement around us, because Morgan wanted to do it a couple times a day. Chase liked it too. When he was sick of me telling him to quite putting them in his mouth he would actually color. It was really cute. I tried to get a video of him doing it, but he would stop when ever I had the camera out.

Isn't she so beautiful.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Canada Trip

So it has been a month since we returned from Canada, but I started this post a couple weeks again so sorry it is such a long one. We had so much fun. We went to the zoo, the pool, road horses, played at Tie Lake and saw lots of cousins. On our drive up there, we stopped for a potty break and Pete took Morgan into the gas station first while I changed Chase in the car. When I walk into the gas station I heard Morgan screaming from the boys bathroom. When she got out she said, "Mom, Dad dropped me in the potty." So anytime we had her sit on a big potty she said remember when daddy dropped me into the potty...She never forgets anything.

Painting at Matt and Christine's new home.
Andersen, Parks, Morgan and Chase.I love when Morgan lets me do her hair. It doesn't happen very often and doesn't last very long. Too bad she's not very girly girly.

Tie Lake Adventure. Look how beautiful. We are so lucky. Thanks to Grant and Sue we can stay at such a beautiful place.

My beautiful kids.

It is hard to get a picture with them both smiling and looking at the camera. Chase is sitting up now.

Morgan Helping Peter work.

Morgan sitting with Uncle Mike.
Chase on the horse with Grandad. He was really sick this day so this was the only time he got to ride on the horse, but he seemed to enjoy it.
Morgan loved riding the horses she didn't ever want to get off. She kept asking me to ask Grandad to get a horse. She loves them just like you mom.
Peter not enjoying the horse as much as us. He says he would rather ride a dirt bike or motor bike they are actually predictable and easier to maintain.

I dont know what happened with these Zoo pictures. I am not really good at this blogging stuff. So the people in these pictures are Pete's cousins Ginny and Mandi. Ginny brought her baby Finn and Mandi brought husband Greg and son Kaslo. My sister in laws Christine and Caitlin and there babies Parks and Andersen. And me braving it with my 2. It was a fun time.

We are all watching to baby gorilla. We stood there and watched him for along time because he was so cute.