Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chase 2 months old

He loves to sleep this boy... I wonder where he gets it from?????

Chase is on the end. Of course sleeping. He is with his two cousins Max and Anderson.

I love my two boys.

Morgan's 2nd B-day

Morgan riding her new bike. During the summer in Texas we went to walmart often and we would go to the bike section so Morgan could ride the bikes.  So she has wanted one for a long time. She very excited to get one of her own. She still hasn't learned to ride by herself yet, but she sits on it and we push her around.
Yes, another doll and it's a ballerina. She loves her dolls
These are a little out of order. She had cupcake all over her and so Peter had to vacuum her off. I thought it was hilarious.

There she is loving the cupcake.

Well it has been forever since I have posted anything, so I might be doing some catching up.
Morgan turned 2 years old on January 4th. She loved having a special day for herself and now when ever we say it is someone elses birthday she says, "No, Morgan birthday"