Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well I have been terrible at posting for the last few months. So this is my update. We are back in Utah after living in Canada for 4 months. Chase is now 5 months old. I can't believe that he is so old. He is still such a good baby. He still loves sleep, but doesn't sleep through the night. He loves to smile and he always laughs at his sister. He lets me snuggle him all the time and give him lots of kisses. He always smiles when I give him kisses. As for Morgan she is potty trained now. She never likes to wear pants. When she is in bed she always takes her pants off and says she is a "skinny girl". When we were in Canada I took her to a Mom and me dance class and she did so good. I was such a proud mom watching her dancing around. She loves to practice with me at home. But when asked if she wants to be a dancer or a kayaker the answer is always "a kayaker". She is such a daddy's girl. Morgan loves her brother but is always jealous when Pete holds him. The first thing in the morning she says when she wakes up is "where is Chase?". I can't wait until they are able old to play together. Two kids is a hand full but so much fun. 

Chase giving such a cute smile...

Playing in the snow in Canada.
Morgan in the bucket. I thought this was so hilarious that she fit so good in this bucket. She is so small.
Dressed up in her princess dress from Grandma.
Another smile. What a happy boy.
Reading while going potty. She is so funny.

Practicing her ballet. This is what she wore to ballet. We need to get her some real clothes.
Showing off her new panties. If she could she would just wear panties all the time.
She was so tired. We had to get a picture of this because she hasn't slept in my arms for a long time. It was so nice for me to get some snuggles from my girl.
Dad hanging out with the kids.