Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chase is Walking

Yesterday Chase just started walking around. He has been walking while pushing things for about 3 months, but yesterday was the first time on his own. He isn't very good, but we are so proud of him. Today in nursery he would stand up on his own and then start walking. It will be fun for him when he can keep up with his sister.
Here is one of him in action.


Kevin and Laurie Anderson said...

Yay Chase! Such a big boy now.

Christine Hill said...

He is SUCH a handsome boy! Nice work Chase!

Michelle said...

Excellent walking.... can't wait to see it in person!

Mary said...

Christy! What fun to see your blog. I rarely update, so I was just browsing my comments and ran into one from a name I didn't really recognise! How fun to see it was you! I hope all is going as well as it appears! You and your family are Beautiful, and you are amazing! Along with many other things, your major sewing projects are incredible! Way to go, you super Mom! :) Fun to hear from you. Hopefully we will meet up someday before too long! :)